Thursday, 16 July 2015


Hey guys, just a quick post to say that I will be pretty sporadic for a little while. My computers broken so it's not easy to write posts plus I'm going away to places without Internet a lot this summer! Combine that with trying to move house and there's no way I can stick to a schedule!

The next post will probably be all about Latitude as I'm off to the festival pretty soon! Fun fun!

I hope you're all having a great summer, Bobby

Monday, 13 July 2015

Mani Monday - Blueberry

Hey guys, It's been a little while since I did a Mani Monday but I'm hoping to go back to doing them regularly until the weather gets colder and I can no longer sit outside! This weeks is BarryM Hi-Shine Nail Paint in Blueberry £3.99.

It's a beautiful colour! Mine's a little old now so it's gone a bit gloopy, but despite that, two coats gave a great finish even without a top coat. I stopped using Barry M for a while as I find their original formula goes on a bit streaky, I will try and remember that this doesn't!

  Nail polish chips so quickly on me! I'm lucky if I can get it to last more than a day but I can never get it to last through a hair wash. I painted my nails friday and this is still looking pretty good despite two hair washes! There's a bit of wear but it really isn't that noticeable! It's lasted much better than any of my more expensive polishes (Nail's Inc, I'm looking at you) so I think I'll go test some more BarryM formulas and colours, especially as they're so cheap!

Sorry I posted this later than usual,  I'm still having tech issues, hopefully they'll be sorted soon! Bobby

Sunday, 12 July 2015

7 in 7: Revlon Striking

Hey guys! I've done it, I've broken my lip balm habit and actually started wearing lip colours again! Unfortunately my laptop messed up this morning and won't turn on properly so I'm having to write this on my tablet. Not the easiest but I'll do my best!

Today I'm wearing Revlon Colorburst Matte Balm in Striking £7.99, it's a beautiful orange toned red, pretty much a brick red. Not quite matte but definitely not too shiny, I think this is my favourite formula of the week, it feels quite moisturising on the lips, obviously it's not going to make dry lips better but I dont think it'll make them worse! I'll be checking out some other colours next time I'm near a stand for sure.

This is it two hours, a bagel, an apple and cup of tea later, it doesn't claim to be long lasting but I think it's the best of the week! Although it did start to feel a little dry as it wore off, that soon stopped when I reapplied. I definitely recommend these, they're so cheap too!

I hope you've enjoyed my week in lipsticks! Tomorrow I'll be back with a 'Mani Monday',  I'm really impressed with the nail varnish so be sure to check it out :) Bobby

Saturday, 11 July 2015

7 in 7: Too Faced Naked Dolly

The penultimate post in my week of lipsticks! Today I'm wearing Too Faced La Creme in Naked Dolly £18, I think this is my only true nude lipstick and I really want to love it but I can't.

 It's creamy, shiny and settles on the lips in a way that is quite concealer-esque. If you then dab at it with your fingers it looks smoother and more natural but despite scrubbing my lips last night it just seems to seep into any line on the lips making them look dry. To be honest, I don't think many people would notice how my lips looked as from normal standing distance apart, they look fine, but as the colour wears off so quickly, you have to go through the ordeal of making sure they look okay a lot. It's a shame because I spent so long looking for a nude colour I like and this is really pretty but the formula just doesn't hold up, especially for the price! I will continue to wear it until I find a better one but I really wouldn't recommend you buy it.
Any suggestions on nude lipsticks for pale girls, let me know!

I think I'll end the week with one of my many reds, so come back tomorrow! Bye :)

Friday, 10 July 2015

7 in 7: Clinique Air Kiss

Day 5, I was looking back at the week and realised just how similar most of the colours I wore are, those were some of my least warn lipsticks so it makes sense they'd be similar. Today I wanted something different, I was going to wear Too Faced Naked Dolly (you'll have to wait till tomorrow now) but the UV index is meant to be high today so I chose Clinique Long Last Gloss Wear SPF 15 in Air Kiss £16.50. Gosh, what a mouthful, that's exactly why I rarely use the full name of lipsticks, usually brand and colour will suffice!

Although I don't usually wear gloss, this is my favourite lip colour so far this week

If I wasn't doing this challenge I would be wearing a balm with SPF as I find lip gloss  a bit gross and sticky. This is still rather sticky and apart from the SPF this is just a generic lip gloss, maybe slightly longer lasting but I couldn't say. Unless you like to wear lip gloss whatever the weather (it can apparently magnify the suns rays so if it's sunny SPF is key!), save your money and buy a cheaper one! I haven't tried the L'oreal Glam Shine as I don't want another gloss to ignore but I've heard they're great.

That's all folks, see you tomorrow! Bobby

P.S I think L'oreal has repackaged and renamed the lip glosses but I can't remember what they are now, sorry!

Thursday, 9 July 2015

7 in 7: Clinique Super Strawberry

Day four! Half way through my week of lipsticks. Today I'm wearing a Clinique Chubby Stick in Super Strawberry £17. It says it's a moisturising lip colour balm, and it certainly is. You could get away with wearing this even if your lips are in bad condition. As a tinted balm, it's obviously quite glossy, much glossier than the Revlon ones, so would look really pretty on other people but I prefer something so pigmented to be more matte. I don't think I'll get much wear out of it at all this summer but I can imagine in early autumn, when my lips start to chap, this could be a nice transition into berry lipsticks. It's not cheap though, if you find your perfect everyday colour then get it, but if you just want a tinted balm, I think Maybelline Baby Lips, texture wise, are pretty similar and only £2.99.

No 'two hours time' picture today as it doesn't claim to be long lasting and it's definitely a pigmented balm rather than a lipstick or stain! That means you can generally feel when it needs topping up, plus it fades naturally so unless you have super pale lips, you don't need to be religious about reapplying.

I'll be back tomorrow with an actual lipstick! Laters, Bobby

Wednesday, 8 July 2015

7 in 7: Revlon Rendezvous

Welcome back! Day three of my week in lipsticks is a Revlon Kissable Balm Stain in Rendezvous (gosh that's a hard word to spell). It's a very wearable orange, with a pink base. I remember getting compliments when I wore it, but that was a quite a while ago.

The colour lasts really well but it becomes more pink as the day goes on. The stain part is definitely a bright pink rather than orange. It does look pretty, but better in bright natural light so bare that in mind if you wear it. I think it would be perfect for festivals as it lasts a long time and will look great outside.

This is after two hours wear, sorry it looks brighter in real life, I showered after this picture and it still stayed pink. Brilliant stain and no drying affect at all!

That's all for today folks, see you tomorrow! Bobby

Tuesday, 7 July 2015

7 in 7: Elizabeth Arden Desert Rose

 Hey guys, welcome to day two of my week in lipsticks! Today, as the title suggests I'm wearing Desert Rose by Elizabeth Arden (£21), a moisturising formula with a colour that's said to last 12 hours (heh, yeah right)! Drastic longevity claims aside, I love the formula. It's quite dry in the bullet so when applied onto product free lips you can get a clean outline without a brush or liner, but on the lips it feels balmy and moisturising. It's exactly what I want!

In the bullet:

First application:

 I like the colour but I'm not so keen on the sheen. Up close you can see it has tiny particles of gold glitter which really isn't for me. However you would only see that if you came really close and stared at my mouth (freak), from normal interaction distance, all you would see is a really pretty colour.

This is it after two hours of wear:

I'm actually shocked, there's still some colour! Slight downside is that some dried cranberry stuck to it, I can imagine it being a very irritating lipstick to wear whilst eating crisps or rice... but, even picking tit off, the colour stayed! Now, this might just be because it's quite close to my natural lip colour and all that's left is gold glitter, but hey, if that is the case, its faded very evenly. I would reapply (it reapplied very well) at this point anyway, but it's nice to know that it still look okay!

I've just realised that in photos, this looks very similar to yesterdays Estee Lauder lipstick. But side by side, today's is a lighter, slightly peachier, more wearable colour which I definitely prefer!

As always, any tips to improve my blog or life, or just if you've tried a product I've spoken about, leave a comment! Till next time, Bobby x

P.S Sorry about the quality of today's photos

P.P.S Tomorrow, the lipstick is drugstore!

Monday, 6 July 2015

7 in 7: Estee Lauder Bois de Rose

Welcome to the first lipstick of the week! I went with Estee Lauder Pure Color Bois de Rose (£22). I chose this because it was the first one I saw in my lipstick box this morning. It was a gift with purchase sometime last year and on the website swatches (I can't remember which website but it wasn't the one I've linked) this looked like my best shade. It's a very creamy texture which is a formula I find hard in bright/dark colours, I get scared they'll smudge and I can never get a clean line without a matching lip liner! It's all to much to think about.  I don't have a picture of the first application as I was in a rush but here's it in the tube, as you'll see, the lighting has a huge affect on the colour. Perhaps that's why the swatches are so different on different websites.

It's quite long lasting but I wouldn't be confident leaving it over an hour without checking all's well. Luckily it fades and reapplies nicely. I found it quite drying though, my lips feel a tad tight after a few hours of wear. That might just be my pregnant skin though, as I vaguely remember liking it last winter.

 After two hours

The verdict? I don't think it's anything special, a nice colour, but you can find formulas that are just as good in the drugstore and even better if you look high end! Having said that, it has great reviews on every website so maybe it's just my preference for a drier formula.

Sunday, 5 July 2015

A Week In Lipsticks

 Hey guys, I'm currently trying to sort through all my stuff and purge as much as I can before I move! I find this really hard but, I've managed to find a few items to get rid of. I've put my non-maternity clothes that I still loved in storage, but there's still a jumbled up suitcase of clothes to wash and look through. It's decided to rain today so that'll have to wait... typical!

My measly offerings to the bin men, these are so old and out of date, you can probably tell by the grossness. I loved those eyelash curlers from the Body Shop but they started pulling out the eyelashes on my left eye!

 My first thought, was that make up would be an easy place to start, it didn't go too well. I've come to the conclusion that I have too many lipsticks, some I don't think I've ever even warn (stupid beauty boxes)! That along with Khila's (Miss Budget Beauty, she's great) 30 lipsticks in 30 days posts was the inspiration to do 7 lipsticks in 7 days! I'll post a lipstick review every day this week. I'll do this challenge a few times -I have around 30 lip colours, but not 30 days of internet this month-  until I've decided which lipsticks I really don't like or wont wear. A fun way to get rid of some stuff! I hope.

If any of you are attempting a sort out, good luck! Please, please, give me some tips in the comments!